Chrome books

When Nicole gets her chromebook i her mum can’t wait to see the chromebook and see all of her learning and what she did at school,i will even be able to see what she wrote on her slide show. From nicole’s mum

Bader Primary

Have you ever wondered what enchanted food? lays in Bader school kitchen are you ready to experience  magnificent learning and superb spelling and super literacy too why not take a trip to SUPER BADER!!! and enter a world learning and with super kind teachers. in addition to the landscape Bader is also home to one… More Bader Primary

Persuasive text

Amazing America  Have you ever thought about what magical going ons happen in America?Are you ready to experience the time of your life? Why not take a holiday to Amazing America and enter a world of fantasy? The fantasy land of America is bordered by the thick rainforest to the North and the frozen  Arctic Ocean to… More Persuasive text

Come to Bader

Do you know Bader primary school will fill your brain with maths,literacy and history one hundred percent guaranteed? The unmissable,unforgetable Bader primary is full of respect appreciating peoples differences, NO FIGHTING! If you never giver up their is no place better to go except Bader we never give up we all use Resourcefulness,Reflectiveness,Reciprocity and Resilience… More Come to Bader

Amazing bader primary school.

                                                                    Amazing Bader primary school.           Have you ever wondered how good bader primary school is? you should come here and enter a school of wonder this school is one of the world’s most popular schools.     Have you ever wondered what lovely school dinners lay in  Bader-school? Are you ready to experience… More Amazing bader primary school.