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Today has been a very busy day at Derwent Hill but the children are now settled down watching Paddington (and falling asleep!) They have really impressed us today and have risen to every challenge put before them. 

Group One have been for a very challenging mountain climb following a steep path alongside a gorge. This required a lot of grit and determination and the instructor in charge said that sometimes secondary aged children struggled with the route but Harvey, McKenzie, Jasmine, Angel, Georgia, Matty,  Bobby, Harrison and Sam took it all in their stride. After this we all went for well deserved icecreams where a lady in the line commented on their excellent manners. 

Group two started the morning with the big swing- nicknamed the ‘deathswing’ and all supported each other as well as challenging themselves. After this they put on their waterproofs and climbed a gorge including jumping off a rock into a pool – Mr Campbell and Miss Hill were very impressed with Lucy, James, Kai, Alicia, Layton S, Thomas, Thomas, Harry, Logen and  Grace! 

Group Three started their day getting absolutely soaked whilst gorge walking, they completely embraced the experience and Miss White was particularly impressed with the teamwork they demonstrated. This included sticking their heads completely under a waterfall! After a quick lunch they then had a go at the ‘deathswing’ challenge and encouraged each other to face their fears- even managing to get a reluctant Miss White to have a go. Well done to Lilli, Abigail,  Saul, Leighton, Nicole, Alfie, Ellie, Liam and Lewis!

Overall, we are incredibly impressed with Year Four and hope you are as proud of them as we are! We aim to pass any messages on at breakfast tomorrow so please feel free to comment.

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